Drag Drop Shopping Cart using jQuery and Knockout

Today many of the shopping websites have the drag drop shopping cart facility.
The drag drop of items to the cart is a easy to use and quick way of shopping.
In this article we will learn to build a drag drop shopping cart using jQuery and Knockout.


Drag and Drop Shopping cart
Drag and Drop Shopping cart

Steps to build the drag drop shopping cart

Knockout ViewModel
Create a knockout viewmodel to get the products data and store the shopping cart data. Populate the products data using a ajax call. Below code gets the data from a sample txt file in json format.

Display the list of products
Once the products are populated, display them to the user using the knockout databinding.

Create Shopping cart
Create a shopping cart div and using the knockout databind. This will ensure that any data added to the cart will automatically bind to the shopping cart array in viewmodel

Enabling Drag

Enabling Drop

Populating the shopping cart using knockout

Removing products from cart

And your Drag Drop Shopping cart is ready.

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