XML parsing using DOM parser in java

In java we have multiple ways to parse XML. We will see steps for XML parsing using DOM parser in java in this post.

What are DOM parsers?
DOM parsers are parsers that load the complete XML into memory and create a Tree structure of the XML. This can be used to traverse/iterate through the nodes of the XML.

When to use DOM parsers?
1. Since the DOM parses load the entire XML into memory, its betters to use DOM parsers when you know that your XML file is small in size. If the XML is biggers, we can have memory issues.
2. If you need to search your XML backward/forward, use DOM parser.
3. If you want to add/delete any nodes in your XML

Steps for XML parsing using DOM parser in java

1. Create Document Builder Factory and Use that factory to create a instance of DocumentBuilder

2. Get a File object of the XML that we need to parse

3. Use the DocumentBuilder and File object to create a Document

4. Get a list of nodes that we need to parse/display

5. We can now iterate the NodeList to get each node and element inside those node

Sample Code

1. XML

2. Java Code

3. Output